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(( 2a-clan Tryout List ))
Active 2a-clan Tryouts
Player NameTryout StartTryout EndResponsible

Ex 2a-clan trouts since 2010
Player NameTryout StartTryout EndResponsible
Gestapo14 January 201701 July 2017Barbi
Chication20 April 201601 October 2016Michael
Karim13 March 201601 July 2016Old Fox
Toty_Nimo25 September 201601 January 2017Old Fox
JPorta16 October 201501 April 2016LiQUiDNiNjA
TheBest03 August 201501 January 2016Old Fox
liam_uk23 July 201501 January 2016Old Fox
Fatwuela07 May 201501 October 2015Old Fox
KIBO24 June 201501 October 2015Old Fox
FIFA24 April 201501 October 2015Old Fox
Sheppard05 January 201501July 2015Shadow Of Death
Legion05 January 201501 July 2015Old Fox
Hita[PL]05 January 201501July 2015Shadow Of Death
Silver Bullet08 November 201401 April 2015Shadow Of Death
Velon3 August 201401 January 2015Old Fox
CheeseBoy31 July 201401 January 2015Old Fox
Patarias11 November 201401 April 2015LiQUiDNiNjA
ArmPower27 October 201401 March 2015Old Fox
TheRollerCoaster30 July 201401 January 2015Old Fox
SpIrit DeVil26 July 201401 January 2015Old Fox
BaD wolF28 July 201401 January 2015Old Fox
AniL17 July 201401 January 2015Assassin
El_05 January 201513 January 2015Shadow Of Death
Maviola05 June 201401 October 2014Lethal Justice
LOCO'D10 October 201301 July 2014wappe
Sean_Paul14 November 201301 April 2014wappe
->$iLv€R<-03 November 201301 April 2014Assassin
AniL20 September 201301 January 2014Shadow Of Death
×B???rbiב09 September 201301 January 2014Assassin
™·¹ ((-‹?ld-ƒ¤x›-))03 September01 Janaury 2014Lethal Justice
|§anjo17 July 201301 January 2014wappe
Gestapo22 July 201311 December 2014Lethal Justice
Bass.GTR23 September 201311 December 2014Shadow Of Death
DIGO16 June 201301 October 2013Assassin
Sean_Paul06 May 201301 October 2013Assassin
LiQU!DNiNjA03 May 201301 October 2013Shadow Of Death
Anil3os15 Oct 201219 September 2013Toki
M0nSt3R18 Feb 201301 July 2013wappe
Svea30 Oct 201201 April 2013Toki
Falcon15 Oct 201201 April 2013Toki
Jo?o Malee21 Oct 201201 April 2013Toki
***_C.E_***21 Dec 201201 April 2013BoSs
|§anjo6 Dec 201201 April 2013wappe
Lady17 Aug 201201 January 2013Assassin
201220 sep 201201 January 2013Assassin
'?maha™'16 May 201201 October 2012BoSs
Shadow Of Death5 May 201201 October 2012wappe
Lethal_Justice13 March 201201 October 2012wappe
Candy™'16 Aug 201218 August 2012wappe
bosanac13 April 201201 October 2012Assassin
CZIRO05 March 201201 July 2012BoSs
Tata pl11 February 201201 July 2012Moon
Gestapo07 February 201201 July 2012Assassin
Desperado29 January 201101 July 2012Basel
Kampfschwein29 January 201101 July 2012Basel
Toki21 December 201101 April 2012Basel
Richard15 November 201101 April 2012Basel
noKe13 November 201101 April 2012Assassin
COMMANDER/22.SAS21 January 201101 July 2012Basel
Wappe19 October 201108 November 2011Fcrate[/color]
Rubber**Johnny(UK)18 May 201108 November 2011Rogue[/color]
TheOldSoldier29 July 201101 January 2012Rogue[/color]
MrItaly25 July 201101 January 2012PaceMaker[/color]
Azzkikr05 July 201101 October 2011PaceMaker[/color]
KimiRaikkonen10 June 201101 October 2011Fcrate[/color]
Pityke08 May 201101 October 2011Fcrate[/color]
Stef01 March 201101 July 2011PaceMaker[/color]
Beastygonzo20 November 201001 July 2011Fcrate[/color]
HoFF10 April 201101 July 2011PaceMaker
†Rogue†«§co»09 February 201101 April 2011Fcrate
caTe04 February 201101 April 2011Fcrate
Genç_Osman24 November 201001 April 2011PaceMaker
RALFMALAGA22 November 201001 April 2011DJuza
AnWar07 August 201001 January 2011Fcrate
The_blode03 June 201001 October 2010Fcrate
PaceMaker15 April 201001 October 2010Fcrate
oko_sokolovo19 March 201001 July 2010Fcrate
Coké07 February 201001 July 2010JohnRambo
DJuza_MONTENEGRO02 February 201001 July 2010JohnRambo
ThunderWolf18 January 201001 July 2010Fcrate
Moon™12 January 201001 July 2010KeNoBoT
The_DeViL05 January 201001 July 2010Basel

  • Red: Tryout denied, kicked out of clan
  • Blue: Moved to inactivity memberlist
  • Green: Added to Privates

  • This list is getting updated by 2a-clan generals and leaders
  • A tryout can start whenever a player is recruited
  • A tryout ends at the date of 1 January, April, July or October,
    if the player has been in the trial period for at least 3 months
    (a tryout takes between 3 and 6 months)
  • The "Tryout End" date is when a tryout is officially voted in the
    clan or gets kicked out

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