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2a-clan server rules

1 General Information

The 2a-clan is hosting Spearhead server(s) since November 2004. Before that, 2a-clan was founded by a few studends from Switzerland. 2A means Too Anxious and stands for the mercyless fightstyle of the clan.

Everyone is free to join the 2a-clan servers, as long they have a ping below 250! The ping limit ensures the other players to have a great game.

2a-clan server rules
Our rules are defined to exclude any misunderstanding. Normally they shouldn't used, but they are here for you to get a proper image how we (would) imagine a great server.

2 Allowed

There are certain things which are forbidden on other servers, but allowed on our servers. Basically, everything is allowed which is not forbidden, as long as our players are fair to each other.
Some things belong to the case fair play - which can't be enforced. That's why we declare these special things as tolerated at 2a-servers:
  • Camping
  • Free name choice (names who are not offending other persons or clans!)
  • Typekilling
3 Forbidden

It is very clear that there is a limit from the allowed to the forbidden things. The following things are clearly forbidden at 2a-clan servers:
  • 2a-clan tag faking
  • Cheating (aimbots, chams, no-recoile, etc.)
  • Text message abuses: No disturbing, insulting, spamming, swearing
  • Voice message abuses: Spamming
  • Doorblocking
  • Spying (purposely handing out the light from your team to enemy team)

4 Access Type (Administrators and Private Clients)

The 2a-clan servers are administrated by 2a-clan leaders and generals. They decide when a rule was violated and can kick or ban players for reasons above without warnings, depending on the severity of the case.

Private clients
Some 2a-clan members and special donators can have direct (private) access to our servers. They usually play in slots 0-3 of the servers.

5 Abuse, Contact

Every game on 2a-servers gets recorded. If you were confronted with a problem at a 2a-clan server, please don't hesitate to contact us by "info at 2a-clan dot com". We can directly verify the problem in our log files.

6 Server Statistics

If you are interested in your statistics on 2a-servers, you can find our server statistics at http://www.2a-server.com. This page is recording all games from all players and storing the online times of all 2a-clan servers.

7 Declaration

This is list is not complete and can be completed any time by the 2a-clan leaders.
Saturday, 6 June 2009

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