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General Information About Renting A Server
Since November 2007, the 2a-server community is possessing their own computers where they run their gameservers. The goal of renting servers is to cover the costs of the communuty. 2a-server doesn't intend at all to profit from these rentals; that's the reason why the prices are very low.

The servers are all located in Germany, close to Frankfurt. It is very complicated to estimate pings, but central Europe should be covered with pings below 50.

To be sure about your ping, check out our servers by yourself - no one can guarantee pings as it depends on many things!
You can connect to one of our servers with your game if you want. Please see our actual server IP's here: http://www.2a-server.com

Our supporters are always here for you when you need them!
We are supporting over: SMS, Phone calls, E-mail, Forum, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Skype, XFire.

Our prices are very low - as we are a non-profit community. At the moment, we are offering several sizes of servers. Our normal prices are simple: 1 Euro for a public slot, and only 0.50 Euro for a private slot. The slots (public+private) can be combined without problems.

Read more about our services here:

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