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2a-server Control Panel

2a-server Control Panel is a huge administration platform to control your gameserver! The Control Panel contains "Restart Tool" - for 2a-server customers as well "Automatic Restart Tool" and an overview over their server rentals.

The panel only works if you are logged in the forum. Please note you need to be 2a-clan member or 2a-server customer to profit of this service!

2a-clan members
Every member is allowed to start and stop the football and match servers. Additionally, they can restart the TeamSpeak server:
Control the 2a-clan football server
Control the 2a-clan match server
Control the 2a-server TeamSpeak server

2a-server customers
Of course, the 2a-server customers have full control over their own game server and the TeamSpeak server:
Control your own game server
Access to the automatic restart tool
Control the 2a-server TeamSpeak server

Here you can see a preview of the exclusive 2a-server Restart Tool:

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