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The Netherlands
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General Information
The 2a-clan's home is in the Netherlands, Europe. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us per letter, e-mail or contact form.
2a-clan is only responsible for the contents showed on this page. Please note that 2a-clan doesn't take responsability about posts of other users (e.g. in the forum).
Links given on this page may refer to other homepages. 2a-clan doesn't take any responsa- bility for those pages and their content.
2a-clan officially declares that visitors of this site should know about the risks of clicking links to external pages (non 2a-clan.com websites) and are in charge of theirselves.
2a-clan is hosting some files which can be downloaded by the users of this site. Those files are provided "as is" and are not programmed by 2a-clan (only if officially declared). Therefore, 2a-clan can't take any responsability for the working/stability of those files.
This homepage was designed by the 2a-clan in 2008. All rights reserved.
All pictures are copyright to 2a-clan.
Exceptions are the server graphs in the server section, which are copyright by Game-Monitor.



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