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You are interested in joining 2a-clan?

It's great that you are interested in joining 2a-clan. Let's see how you
have the biggest chance to get into our clan. If you read the following
steps and do as we say, you may be a 2a-clan member soon! :smile:

Expectations of a member
A player who wants to join 2a-clan has to fit into our structure idea:
  • Age above 16 years!
  • Use the MoHAAS.NET Tool (you can download it here: https://www.mohaas.net/download/)
  • Use Windows Live Messenger and Teamspeak (you can download it
    here: http://www.2a-clan.com/?page=downloads)
  • Play Spearhead or Breakthrough several times a week on our servers
  • Be a polite and skilled player. NO CHEATS, NO NAMECHANGES!
  • Be interested in playing in a multigaming clan: if you play in Break-
    through, also play in Spearhead (you can download the game on our
    internal forum when you have joined our clan)!
  • Finally you have to accept our clanrules: Click here
Registering process
1. If not done yet, register to our forum
2. Fill in your fields in the forum about birthdate, hobbies, occupation etc. LINK

Tryout process
  • A player wants to join asks a 2a-member from 2a-clan on the server if he can get a Tryout
  • If the 2a-clan members agrees to give him a Tryout, the player presents himself in the Trial applications section and names the 2a player who recruited him
  • The 2a-clan member needs to confirm that and note down the player name at our new "Tryout list"
  • The player will be directly a Tryout and can add the 2a-clan tag in that moment
  • From this moment, the recruiting 2a member is responsible for the new member and will show and explain him everything
or in a second possibility:
  • A player wants to join, but doesn't know our members very well. So he can still write an application
  • He can get a tryout if one of the members take responsibility for him. If yes, we proceed like above.
Click here to start a thread *happy*

Decision for Joining
7. On the 10th of January, April, July or October (3 month after your trial start!) you will have the
final decision if you can enter the clan or not, note that you have to complete 3 months as a tryout, if you don't, you'll be voted for on the next voting period. There are three possibilities:
- you will enter the clan
- you will leave the clan
- you will get a tryout for another 3 months


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