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2a-clan History

The 2a-clan is a clan in Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. The 2a-clan was founded in November 2004 by 6 students of the Münchenstein Gymnasium.

Early days
Since summer 2003, a lot of students of the Münchenstein Gymnasium (means: high school of the city Münchenstein) play the game Spearhead Demo in the computer room of their school. During the noon breaks, the 16-computer room was often filled by 16 people playing Spearhead Demo over the school intern LAN-network. But many students also started to play after their school and fixed up match dates in school.
Unfortunately, the games were not totally satisfying some students. They had to play on 1-GHz-Macs and the gameplay was quite sad. That's why those students had the wish to play also out of school.

The class 2A was the first school gaming group going further. They thought it would be cool to have an own gameserver out of the school, so they could also play at home. Therefore, in November 2004, studends of the class 2A 2004/2005 founded the 2a-clan and rented a gameserver from http://www.gserv.org. The name "Too Anxious" and the tag "={2A?}=" was created: they wanted their clan to relate with their class name, but in the same time to mean something special. That's how they came up with the definition 2A. 2A means Too Anxious and stands for the class 2A!

First of all, 2a-clan created a homepage and a gameserver. But the server was only a private one and just members could access to it. But luckily, one day in January 2005, the 2a-clan leaders forgot to put a password in the server configs. Even if the 2a-clan had only payed a private server, the server provider didn't notice that the server was changed to a public one.
It went very fast and many people came to play on the 2a-clan server. The server became very popular and famous. But in the same time, most of the clan founders left the clan, the only founder who stayed was ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£).
The played gametype on the server was Team-Death-Match with the mods of Rolve and ChuchiMeischtr. But soon, new members and leaders came into 2a-clan and changed the picture of 2a-clan fast. The very first international members of 2a-clan were Boss and Rhor_Kar - important members like Achilles Apollo and ItSmE did a lot to create a perfect clan.
But some other members tried to split the clan and in the end of 2005 2a-clan was close to its end because a lot of members quit the clan because of the internal fights.
Recapitulatory, 2005 was a year of many changes. Not only the server mods changed all the time, also the server amount, server slots changed often. Even the members came and left. The homepage design changed as well many times because 2a-clan always thought to improve something.
In the end of the year, 2a-clan had to deal with a big problem: GServ, the French gameserver provider went bankrupt and 2a-clan lost nearly 200 Euro in one second.

KRC-clan ("Keep it real and clean, http://www.krc-clan.com") was created by some old Dutch members of 2a-clan. They created a great gameserver in Spearhead Demo with Countdown, later they moved to Full version and used the ojective gametype.
Meanwhile, 2a-clan needed a fresh start and was renamed into "Lords Of Spearhead" (LOS). ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) was the only leader in this time and tried to keep the server alive. It was still running Team-Death-Match, but when KRC was leaving to the Full version of the game, LOS-clan adopted Countdown as their gametype.
This was a very important change in the history of the 2a-clan. In April, LOS-clan changed back again to 2a-clan and old members like BoSs and Alex=24=Poland rejoined the clan with their old names.
New releases of Countdown came out and made the server even more popular. Thanks to the basic mods of Rolve and ChuchiMeischtr, the server became the number one of Spearhead Demo in Europe - beforing being the number 1 of Demo servers in the world in 2008.
At the end of 2006, new Dutch members joined the clan and took over the clan. Since then, they are the main leaders of 2a-clan and keep it running with their financial and physical support. In the same time, also the last founder, ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£), nearly stopped playing and gave the lead to the new people. The important members of 2006 were NavNetsio.NL, later Cobra_NL and MR_Dude. They gave the 2a-clan a new image and changed the philosophy of the clan.

The year 2007 wasn't really marked by special events. The 2a-clan became more and more stable because no fast recruiting was done anymore. It was more and more difficult to become a member of the clan.
2a-clan started to make more clanmatches like 1vs1 and other small tournaments. But the most important thing was that the 2a-clan always kept his line and didn't really change a lot of things. Only the homepage changed its look for several months before going back to a more classic design again in 2008.
It's a pity that in the end of the year, KRC-clan gave up and stopped their server in Full version. But during the two years existence, they had a very popular and good server.
In November 2007, 2a-clan gave up their gameserver at their provider. The leaders decided to buy a rootserver (a whole pc) which means way more costs than a gameserver. But in the same moment, the 2a-clan created a new group called "2a-server" which shared gameservers with other clans who like to run their own ones. 2a-clan took one gameserver from the 2a-server group, where 2a-clan still ran Countdown with the self-created mods.

The clan "Warriors Of Breizh" from France became the most important client for the 2a-server group by renting a big server where they ran Countdown in Spearhead Full version. In the beginning, they had nearly no players on their server, but until the middle of the year 2008 their server became as popular as 2a-clan Countdown.
In the meantime, also other smaller clans rented a server and were supported by 2a-server. KClO4 became a good client by renting a Rifles Only server in Spearhead Demo.
In March 2008, 2a-clan tried to risk something and created a server in Breakthrough Demo with the same mods like on their Spearhead Demo server. It seemed to be quite obvious that Countdown was also popular in Breakthrough Demo, but there weren't so many players left like in Spearhead. That's why the server became really fast one of the top 3 of the most visited Breakthrough servers of the world; without having more than 5 players in average.
The 2a-clan Leaders decided to recruit players for Breakthrough Demo as well. It was a big luck that the finnish player "Wappe" was ready to take over the Breakthrough part of the clan. Thanks to him, 2a-clan was able to afford the server.
But 2a-clan wanted more. Looking at the server of Warriors of Breizh - which was plenty of players nearly the whole day - 2a thought it must be possible to get a popular as well in Spearhead Full. Even if all previous attempts in earlier years were in vain, 2a-clan finally managed to get the players to their Spearhead Full server as well!
Important players in 2008 were Kenobot, who helped to make look the 2a-clan homepage better - and Twiggy, who became later one of the server holders of Full version server.

Starting the year 2009, 2a-clan could look back of holding a top 20 gameserver for more than 4 years in Spearhead Demo - and Breakthrough Demo and Spearhead Full started to get more and more players as well.
In the beginning of 2009, a new homepage with server statistics was created: http://www.2a-server.com. The server page showed the online time of all players joining a 2a-server. That page was very special because it showed in live-time, how many players were online on the servers.
By spring 2009, the 2A Spearhead Full server became the most popular server of the world with an average of more than 20 players. In the same time, 2a-clan opened another gameserver, this time Breakthrough Full was chosen as game. The server became popular very fast and crossed the average of 10 players soon. Unfortunately, the Breakthrough Demo server was not a big success. Only during the evening it reached a great amount of players. It was a hard decision, but at the end of the summer 2a-clan closed the Breakthrough Demo server after one year of uptime.

Around 50'000 players have joined our servers in one year of making statistics at http://www.2a-server.com. They were playing even more than 300'000 hours, which makes an average online time of 6 hours per player.
With 2a-clan, also another platform grew very fast: Facebook! The popularity of the platform also reached Egypt, where the first fanpage of 2a-clan servers was created. Within a few weeks, around 50 people joined the (inofficial) fangroup which was created by Anwar, an Egypt player who later joined 2a-clan.
In summer 2010, 2a-clan was running 3 servers, one in Spearhead Demo, one in Full and one in Breakthrough Full. Both of the Full version servers became very popular and were temporarily the most visited servers of the world.
The clan didn't get in any special events and managed to get new players to replace the inactive ones. A new recruiting system was built, so Generals can actively help to get new Tryouts while playing on the servers. Years before, the new members' nationality was Dutch most of the time. But these days, more and more players came from Southern Europe and Northern Africa. At the end of 2010, 3 members came from Egypt. One of them was even chosen to be a 2a-clan leader in early 2011. Another one was Anwar, who then decided to make his Facebook page official and gave admin rights to 2a-clan leaders. Since then, the link of the Facebook page is: http://www.fb.me/2Anxious

In the beginning of 2011, there were changes in the management team of 2a-clan. Infinity - earlier called Cobra_NL left the leaders and became a normal member again. At the same time, NavNetsio.NL got downgraded automatically as he was too inactive during the years before. To fill the gaps they had left, Fcrate was honored to take over when he was asked for it.
Unfortunately, the cooperation between the new management around Fcrate and the old members - especially ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) - did not work out. That's why some members left the clan and joined their own new clan AGB (http://www.agb-clan.com). This was the second time that 2A lived through a split-up and there were a lot of things to remanage.
Fortunately, an old member called Wappe came back to 2A at the end of 2011 and brought back some stability. This finally gave 2A some peace and possibilities to have a fresh restart.

When the new year started, 2A had to regroup its squad again. ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) took over the main lead again and started to rescript the website at 2a-server.com. While the design remained more or less the same, the structure changed a lot and improved the quality of the site (see video). The new page contained a complete ban system where 2a-clan generals and leaders were able to ban players from our servers.
This year also 2A-clan add old member called Old Fox for his experience, activity and his love for the clan.
By the end of the year Wappe was promoted as a new leader of 2A to help ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) managing the servers and forum.

In 2013 we found more stability and many new members joined or wonderful clan. Due to the increasing players from Egypt, the breakthrough server (F10) is now an official Egypt server. The whole multiplayer game was translated to Arabic.
In the mean while the 2A-serves.com ban tool ensured cheaters could be banned from the servers properly and this resulted in a more fun environment to play the servers. However through all the effort from the leaders and generals there still are allot of cheaters ruining the game for the fair players. Especially because the servers can't be monitored all the time.
By the end of the year Old Fox was promoted as a new general of 2A to help ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) and Wappe in managing the servers.

2A was founded in 2004, this year we celebrate 10 years of 2A! We celebrated this in Basel-city where ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£), Cat, LiquidNinja and Moon played against the other 2A-members in a friendly match.
For the first time in several years there was a major change in the clan. LiquidNinja promoted to the leader rank and assisted Wappe, ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£) and Old Fox. Because of his high activity the servers could be better moderated. On top of that a new server infrastructure was created. F9, Malta server was stopped for good and the new main server (F11) IP changed to:
In the past ten years allot has changed but the love for the game still remains. This also reflects in the way we handled the greatest setback of Mohaa history! Although all the good efforts to create a better gaming experience this was overshadowed by the news of GameSpy shutting down. It is not possible to see server lists in the game anymore. At this point, it's obvious that the whole Mohaa community are no foes anymore. They need to stick together in order to save the game!
Fortunaly 2A developed a mohaa.net tool in cooperation with GUN. This tool gives players the possibility to join the servers without the use of gamespy. But 2A didn't stop there. The tool also includes a cheat detection control for our server. Additionally the use of any mods except the official 2a rcon tool or member tool are forbidden. Starting 1 January 2015 the tool is obligated to all 2A-members and we hope many players will follow or lead.
this can be the start of a new era...

This year brought a lot of changes to the clan. In the beginning of 2015, we have decided to force the MoHAAS.net tool on all players. But due to the large numbers of Countdown servers (KLM, CDX, AGB, ROOT, MTM, etc.) we lost more people than we thought. Other clans have tried to force the tool as well, but finally gave up because many players switched to servers where they could play without it. But during this time, we have felt the support of KLM admins with the MoHAAS.net tool. They also helped improving the administration panel of the tool and were convinced by its functionality. This is way the leadership of KLM and 2A both decided to join their servers to one big Countdown server.
Beside these groundbreaking changes to the 2a-clan, also the clan structure has changed. The Captain rank was reintroduced into the clan. This way certain members have the possibility to administrate our game servers via mohaas.net without the need of being a general. After an application for this rank is made, the clan leaders and generals will decide immediately if you are accepted or not. A Captain has kick rights on MOHAAS.net tool and will support the generals in watching over the servers. Additionally Old Fox got promoted to leader because of his high activity on the server and his support towards the clan.
In October another 2A meeting took place in Locarno, Switzerland. Here ƒM (ƒ¢ ß㧀£), Cat, Wappe, Barbi and Moon met. It was a successful meeting and besides of 2A business there also was room for strengthening the friendships on what we can call a vocational location.

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