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Conditions of renting a gameserver

1. Conditions
These contract controls the relation between the game server hoster (called 2a-server in this document) and the renter (hereafter named client).

2. Payments and Procedure
Once the client has paid for the period he wants to have a server, this contract is valid until the end of this period.
The prices are indicated on http://www.2a-clan.com and may change any time. The client has to pay the fee which was declared at the day of the game server ordering.
After the payment receipt (by Paypal or Bank Transfer), 2a-server guarantees to put online the client's gameserver within 48 hours (in working time, excluding the weekends). The game server will stay online until the end of the payment period.

3. Payment Period
The first payment period starts by the time the game server has been started the first time (max. 24 hours after the receipt of the first payment) and ends after 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the payment by the client. If a client has repaid before the end of the running period, the payment period is extended by 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the new payment. By the time, a client stops paying for a new period, 2a-server stops the game server by the end of the running period.

4. Responsabilities
2a-server offers the service of renting game servers. 2a-server must do all in his capabilities to keep up this service for the time as this contract is valid. If 2a-server suffers by force majeure, it is obligated to explain the client the situation.
If the client's game server has been down for a period longer than 1 day and the down-time was caused by carelessness of 2a-server, the client gets the down-time period added to the duration of the payment period. In case of force majeure, 2a-server doesn't have to offer an extension for the rental period.

5. Support
2a-server is offering the best support possible. The support is available by all indicated ways on the website http://www.2a-clan.com. Support is only relating to game server related problems and does not include help in modifications.

6. Modifications (also called mods)
2a-server offers a clean game server, which means the server is installed "as is" (as delivered by the creator of the game). If a game server of the client is getting problems caused by modifications, 2a-server is allowed to force the client to remove them to warrant the service of the other game server clients.

7. Validation
These conditions must be confirmed by the client by the time of ordering a game server and are valid until the end of the renting period.
2a-server guarantees to inform the client after any change of these rental conditions.

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