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2a-clan is a gaming clan from MoHAA (Medal Of Honor Allied Assault) Spearhead, Breakthrough, Spearhead Demo and Breakthrough Demo. 2A? means Too Anxious? and is relating to the fear of campers of being shot.

The 2a-clan was founded by a Swiss school class in 2004 and has now members all over the european continent. In the past few years, 2a-clan has grown to a big community with servers in Spearhead, Breakthrough, Spearhead Demo and Breakthrough Demo.

All servers used by 2a-clan run the gametype Countdown, which has become very popular again in MoHAA - thanks to the big support of many players who came from Spearhead Demo.

When was 2a-clan founded? What does 2a-clan exactly stand for? What happened after the foundation? Read our big history flashback if you are interested.

What happened on March 16 in year 2009? You always wanted to know more detailed things about 2a-clan? Then you should read our clan diary, inspired by all events around 2a-clan and 2a-servers.

How is the 2a-clan organized? What are the ranks in the clan? Read this all on the Strategy page.

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