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Welcome to the official homepage of 2a-clan, one of the most known clans in MoH:AA!

={2A?}= is mathematically a useless sign, but nevertheless it means
Too Anxious? and stands for the merciless fight style of this clan.

2a-clan was founded in 2004 and is active in two games:
Spearhead and Breakthrough.

On this homepage you can find all information about the clan and our server partners.
Enjoy your stay and have fun on our new homepage!


14th anniversary game night FRIDAY 16 NOVEMBER starting at 21:00 CET
We will play an evening together on our public CD server. Everybody is welcome!

You may join using the mohaas.net tool. TeamSpeak is open and updated, join us there if you like to!

15 Nov 2018 18:40

Screenshots of the 13th anniversary event
As there have not been a lot of players on the server for the last few weeks, our expectations were not high for this anniversary event. We are very happy and proud that 8 players from 2A and 5 players from KLM made it to the party. To make the evening perfect, one AGB member has also joined.

Special thanks to the members who joined tonight: Armpower, Anileos, JPorta, Last Will,Liq, Sean Paul, Toki.

In the attachment, you will find some screenshots of scores and players. During more than 2 hours, we have played with over 20 players. Overall, the evening was a great success!

04 Nov 2017 22:30

Invitation to 13th birthday event
2a-clan is going to celebrate its 13th birthday soon!

We plan to hold an event on the public or private server - everyone is invited!

Please fill out the Doodle so we can find the best date for all: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/hu3zuby26d3ir9yr

We will announce the definite date soon.

14 Oct 2017 00:20

Change in 2a-clan structure
Dear 2a-clan members and friends

Please read the attached file carefully, because there are some bigger changes in our community.

I hope you all like the new idea of it and like to hear your feedback and questions!

With this ground-breaking restart, we also simplified the whole forum structure and removed unnecessary sections.

Your ex 2a-clan leaders

23 Apr 2017 00:48

Barbi is promoted to 2A leader
The 2a-clan management (including me and Wappe) have decided to upgrade 2A Barbi's rank from GEN to LDR. She has been one of the most active members throughout the last months and proved herself with great skills, outstanding knowledge of human nature and a positive general attitude. Affective immediately, Barbi will support our other leaders Old Fox, Wappe and me with their management duties and clan activities.

We hope that you all respect her the same way as you respect your other family members from 2A and congratulate Barbi for the promotion to a new life as 2a-clan leader.

17 Jun 2016 22:14



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