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2a-clan has an exchange of around 60 Euro every month to maintain the services like homepages, domains, forums, e-mail system, rootservers, gameservers, etc.
That's why it's very important for 2a-clan to have a certain structure in the clan to distribute the rights and powers to the members.

The 2a-clan is split into 4 ranks. A different rank means different responsabilities, but also different powers. Of course, everyone really likes to get a higher rank. But not everyone can have a higher rank: for each rank upgrade, a 2a-clan member needs to write an application and hope the 2a-clan generals to confirm the upgrade.

The highest rank in the 2a-clan is Leader. A Leader is responsible for the 2a-clan (homepage, gameservers) and the 2a-servers (support to clients). Becoming a Leader is nearly impossible as it needs a very strong relation to 2a-clan and to its members.

The Generals are responsible for the rating of Tryouts and recruiting. They may all vote if a clan or server topic is discussed, they're also responsible for administrating the servers.

The normal rank in the 2a-clan is Private. They are recruited Tryouts and have access to the private section of the forum, where discussions about the 2a-clan take place. Privates play clanwars and their membership basically never ends - unless they are inactive members.

The lowest rank in the 2a-clan is Tryout. Every player can write a trial application, but he has to follow the rules very carefully and write an application in the related forum category. The trial period takes always three months, then the 2a-clan Generals and Leaders decide if the Tryout can get a Private.

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