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2a-clan is recruiting players

2a-clan has been online since 2004 and therefore not looking for young members. The goal of 2a-clan is neither to get most members, nor getting the most skilled players of the world. The goal of 2a-clan is to unite like-minded people into one community.

It's also not very surprising that 2a-clan doesn't concentrate on playing clanwars or matches, but it concentrates on friendship and fun! The 2a-clan searches for active, mature and honest players who are interested in joining a community with a strong fundament and strong personalities.

You think you search for fun, friendship combined with action? Then you are maybe the right one to join 2a-clan. So, if you enjoy playing on 2a-clan servers for a long time already, you are welcome to apply for a Tryout anytime. Please note that the rules are clearly defined and there are no exceptions to avoid the joining procedure. By clicking here, you can learn more how to join 2a-clan.

Join 2a-clan now!

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