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2a-clan Rules for Clan, Rcon and Servers

Why rules?
Rules are here to be broken. Rules are stupid. Why rules? I'm just having fun here, I don't care about other persons! If you honestly think that, you should possibly leave this page - this game is not for underaged adolescents.
It is clear that a community as 2a-clan needs some rules. The rules normally don't have to be used, because our clan members or other players mostly are fair persons. But if not, the rules are here to define the allowed and disallowed things, and to create a guide line for our idea of a good communuty.

2a-clan rules
Our clan needs a certain structure and rules to guarantee the best and most efficient get-together. The rules are here to show you our idea of a good clan. In cases of problems, the clan rules will be consulted by the 2a-clan leaders.
If you are new to 2a-clan and want to join 2a-clan, you should probably start reading with our joining requirements.

2a-clan server rules
The most interesting rules for our community are the server rules. Is camping really allowed on 2a-servers? Yes it is. More important and unclear questions will be answered in the 2a-clan server rules.

Here the direct links to the rules:

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